♦Inhabiting the Silvery Spaces♦
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♦Inhabiting the Silvery Spaces♦

Toronto Totoro

Bennie And The Jets by Elton John

New MY BLOODY VALENTINE album due by end of the year!
Kevin Shields has announced that the forever-in-the-works followup to 1991’s ground breaking “Loveless” will finally be released this year on his website, followed up by an EP of new material to be released sometime next year. 
Fantastic news. Like many people with working ears and who have experienced any of their previous work, I have been waiting to hear something new from them for a very long time. What’s twenty years in the big scheme of things?

Oh my! Oh my! Oh God yes! Chilling at “Big in Japan” bar w/ my boo.

Colour my Life with the Chaos of Trouble…

Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner

Get Away by Yuck
  1. Beirut (33)
  2. The Horrors (33)
  3. Crystal Castles (21)
  4. Belle and Sebastian (9)
  5. Cults (7)

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I Love You Like The Way That I Used To Do by Rocketship